i wake up most nights; three:seventeen fills the home screen of my iPhone. it’s an awkward time of day; no one you know is awake and the scroll through social media brings a lull of cute animal videos.

three:seventeen is my time.

here’s what you need to know as you decide if stumbling upon my musings was worth it:

this is the year before 30. it’s supposed to be life-changing. supposed to be filled with friendships, road trips, margaritas after work, killer abs, no drama, no self doubt, more self worth & a ton of growth.

let me count the ways in which it has been none of that. nada. zip.

i’m 29. married. happy most days but also hoping to catch a break one of these days. i’m not popular. have a huge heart. have a meltdown weekly. in the process of finding myself [again]. in love with my husband. not in love with myself. low on the friend count. obsessed with puppies & dogs in general. awake more than most. self reflective more than most. mental health warrior. killing the eyebrow game. can count all my friends on one hand. overthinker. overlover. over everything.

three:seventeen is a sharp reality that brings all of these into focus.

these are my three:seventeen musings. i can’t say they will save your life but they might save your sanity. stay if you’d like. this isn’t my diary. this isn’t a negative space. this is me saying everything that most are already thinking.

x, alix

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