i have very few pet peeves. literally like five things that irritate me immensely. just five.

[one]• being ignored. in any capacity. in person, text, when i’m waiting to pick up my online order from chipotle. or when it’s my turn to talk but everyone passes my thoughts by.

[two]• seeing my name in print but spelling it wrong. like when you write ‘happy birthday alex!’ on my facebook wall but yet my name is correctly spelled at the top. it’s alix, just like the one with an ‘e’, only edgier.

[three]• cancelling plans with me to only have new plans an hour later with other people that you post on social media. might as well tag me if you’re gonna be that obvious about being an awful person.

[four]• people who pass you only to end up at the exact same stoplight fifty feet ahead. ease up homie, the dmv is a ruthless place to drive.

and last but definitely not least:

[five]• being my friend at your convenience. ya know, that friend who wants to hangout because no one else can. like you’re the ‘last choice’ but because no one else is available, they make you seem like you’re the ‘first & best choice’.

yup. i have like 8 people in my phone who are exactly like that. hell- i have people in my life who hit these pet peeves on the reg. and i am here to take it all back. to take all the times i’ve rescued you, lent you money, drove you to the airport, took your mail in, walked your dogs, listened to you bitch about your boss or your mom or your coworker. stop picking me last. stop using me to fill your unscheduled calendar block. instead, figure out what’s wrong with you. like as a person.

we don’t walk out of the womb perfect. and there is no way you’ve made it to your twenties or your thirties or beyond with the seal of perfection stamped upon you. it is time to stop being a friend at convenience. stop fueling your self worth by pretending to care about your friendship with someone. we deserve the best. all of us. we deserve incredible people who give incredible time.

i am saying goodbye to anyone who makes plans with me because no one in their life is around. i am ditching anyone who makes plans with me and then cancels to go to the club with someone else. i am kicking out anyone who can’t see that my worth and my friendship are valuable. welcome to adulthood- act like one. be a real friend. be a real person. but most importantly- be honest.

if this applies to you in my life, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

xo, alix

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