everything happens for a reason.

uh, no. i call bullshit. nothing happens for a reason or so that better things can fall into place. nope. i am super aware of how pessimistic i sound right now but to be honest, i am so tired of people using the ‘everything happens for a reason’ excuse to validate when something shitty happens in your life.

just own it for what it is. it sucks and it happened, not because it is part of some bigger domino effect. no. life is what is happening and i swear, the older i get the more i really bend towards the ‘life’s tough, get a helmet’ theory rather than thinking everything happens for a reason. sometimes things happen for absolutely no reason. sometimes you’ll sit there for days and wonder ‘why is this happening to me and not that other person over there?’ and no one can answer. sure, we can insert an obscure reason down the road of why all the pieces fit together and try to mold it all together to make it seem like the universe aligned it all. but let’s be real- everything just happens.

if everything happened for a reason, we would all be way too figured out and together as a human race. i’m here to wave the white flag on everything happening for a reason and saying that sometimes terrible things happen. sometimes loss happens. sometimes friendships end. sometimes the movie is sold out. sometimes you forget your case of water under your cart at the store. sometimes people screw you over. sometimes you’re a bad friend. sometimes everything just happens and we have no control and we have no ‘sign from the universe’ or ‘reason to validate’. it just sucks.

so while the small optimist in me [and when i say small, i mean small] says it’s nice to think that the universe has a great sense of humor; let’s just remember that sometimes everything happens. it just happens.

let’s stop looking for the reason and figure out how to get back up.

xo, alix

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