this one is for anyone who breaks out in a sweat when their boss says “can i talk to you for a minute?” this one is for anyone who is crumbling on the inside and barely holding it together on the outside. maybe you’re not sleeping enough. or maybe you ate too many girl scout cookies. maybe you’re smiling at the people you have conversations with but you sob ten minutes later at your desk. this one is for you. maybe you’re afraid to say how you feel or worse, you said it already and now it’s radio silence. maybe you want a break from your day, your week, your month, even your year {if you didn’t sing the friends theme song when you read that, we can’t be friends; pun intended}. this one is for you if you’re tired even when you slept eight hours. this one is for you if you’re breaking down and you just can’t catch a break. this one is for the go getters or anyone who wants to go get back in their bed. this one is for you if you’re broke and annoyed that the world is expensive. this one is for you if you’re headspace is giving you a migraine. this one is for you. for anyone who has a broken heart or broke a heart. for anyone who has buried a parent or a child or a best friend. for anyone who feels like a failure. for anyone who has had to say goodbye; whether for only an hour; or a little while; or a long while. whoever wrote the book on goodbye, forgot all the chapters on how to make it easy. for anyone who wants credit where credit is due. for anyone who is lonely. for anyone who is surrounded but lonely. this one is for the damaged. this one is for anyone who needs a hug. or for anyone who needs a person. this one is for anyone who feels huge in a little world; or small in a giant world. for anyone who is grieving. anyone who is lost. anyone who is searching. anyone who is already found.

this one is for anyone. this life; this whole thing. this everything. it’s a hell of a lot bigger than we ever knew. the notions we had as kids were wrong. faded ideas of takeout dinners, dream jobs, glowing skin and stacked accounts. instead we are making it work, hoping people return our texts, crossing our fingers that our bank doesn’t charge us an overdraw fee because the netflix charge went through but payday isn’t here. i am talking about pure reality. because this one is for anyone who is straight struggling. or curvy struggling. honestly, i don’t even know why we say that. but this one is for all of you, however life has you. whether it has you strung up in tears or tethered to fear; whether it has you bundled in joy or stripped with anxiety. whether you’re constantly fighting the dark or actively chasing the sun. or barely awake or fighting for sleep. whether you are lost on life’s windy roads or sitting on your front stoop. this one is for you.

you. are. here. this map is yours. whatever ‘this’ you are; whatever mountain or hill you’ve been given; it was given to you. for whatever reason. and y’all already know i don’t believe things happen for a reason. and that holds true. things don’t happen for a reason. things just happen. but, whatever life is working you through, hill or mountain or mound of dirt. it’s yours and it’s yours to climb. though we don’t always know what’s on the other side, we have to conquer it. it sucks, the whole climbing a mountain that you didn’t ask for. you didn’t ask for it. you don’t need it. but here it is. in the way of all the good stuff. blocking all the sun. towering over you.

but climb it. show it whose boss. and roll down the other side. life is one big mountain range, might as well see the view when you get to the top.

so this one’s for you. every single one of you. whatever mountain is posted up in front of you; show it what a warrior you are. it’ll make the next mountain that much easier.


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