someone recently asked me- “why did you suddenly decide to start a blog?” the truth is, there wasn’t this epiphany or life-changing moment that made me start typing.

honestly? my brain has been on overload lately. constantly tumbling thoughts like my dryer on it’s fifth cycle. there are so many things i wish i would’ve said sooner and so many people who have broken my heart recently and my life feels like i’m going through a million things that i should’ve already been through. so, no; there isn’t a why.

this blog isn’t going to fix anything. it won’t mend relationships or be a reality check for those who walked out when they know they should’ve stayed. this won’t make things right or better or easier. it’s just a way to help me heal. my heart is a little bent and my brain is a little full. and this blog; this place is going to be where i finally speak up. where i finally lay my feelings on the line.

maybe you can relate. maybe you wish you had confronted that person. maybe you wish you had a thicker backbone. maybe you wish people would stop using you as a doormat. maybe you feel more alone at 29 than you’ve ever felt in your life. that’s my reality. and i am just trying to keep my head above water.

that’s the why. i am moving forward.

xo, alix

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