i am all about a good pity party. trust and believe. and i will personally crown myself a drama queen because i am all about a good cry, a temper tantrum, a passive aggressive post on social media and a vent session over a peppermint mocha. i host my own pity parties, which sometimes turn into ragers; some even become full blown parades sponsored by macy’s; my meltdowns could bring storm surges to the surface. and other times, i just wade in my own drama and pity for like eleven minutes and move on. that last one happens less often but whatever, i am human.

but the truth is, sometimes it’s okay. the whole wallowing, screaming at traffic, crying til you can’t breath, hating everything and everyone, wishing shit was different, falling apart, drowning in self pity; all of that, is okay. it is okay to lose your shit, to start banging your keyboard because google is frozen, to get in your car and just cry. all of that, is okay. because the thing is- we are all human. at the very end of the day, that’s one similarity that will always exist. we live our lives, as seamless as possible. we do everything that we are supposed to do; wake up, make coffee, commute, work, commute, eat, shower, sleep. we squeeze in the things that matter; family, spouses, puppies, kids, friends, dating, alcohol, netflix, donuts, clean sheets, hot showers. but no matter what, we are still humans. and it is okay to show how human you are.

i am not saying go forth and wallow til christmas. i am not saying drown yourself in a pool filled with your own tears. i am not saying stop traffic on the beltway with your meltdown. but i am saying that it’s okay to allow yourself a moment or eight. let yourself be human. let yourself feel all the things you need to feel. wallow every once in a while. everyone is always telling you that ‘it’ll be okay’ or ‘chin up’ but fuck em’. wallow. cry. scream. do you. just don’t declare residency there. don’t buy a home in your wallowing. don’t change your address to self-pity ville. drive through, have your moment and hit the visitors center for a keychain on the way out.

wallowing is allowed. self-pity is allowed. crying is allowed. screaming is allowed. meltdowns are allowed. it’s all okay. just don’t make your whole life about it. allow yourself to feel it. and then seek the sunshine.

don’t forget to be human; after all, that’s what you were made to be.


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